Cake flavors

Vanilla Almond cake, 

hint of almond with silky smooth almond buttercream

Royal flair ( Megan & Harry cake)

lemon cake filled with lemon curd and elderberry Swiss meringue buttercream

Vanilla blueberry cake

filled with blueberry and buttercream

Raspberry Vanilla cake

raspberry swirl & white chocolate buttercream

Vanilla with salted caramel

home-made salted caramel buttercream says it all!

Tiramisu Vanilla cake

vanilla cake, espresso-kaluha with mascarpone cheese & cream filling buttercream ( delish)

Heath bar crunch 

vanilla cake with bits of toffee and buttercream 

Chocolate dream cake

chocolate cake filled your way

Cookies and cream cake

chocolate cake filled with oreo cookie buttercream

Chocolate butterscotch & caramel

chocolate cake with butterscotch & toffee buttercream

Dulce de leche cake

chocolate cake & dulce de leche cream buttercream ( A favorite)

Luscious lemon

light lemon cake , lemon curd & lemon zest buttercream

Carrot cake 

whipped cream cheese frosting

Brown butter banana cake

brown butter & bananas filling

Red velvet cake

filled with white chocolate buttercream

Strawberry Cake 

So good is what it is! with buttercream

Other pairings include

White or Chocolate ganache

Chocolate mousse 

Fresh fruit

Just ask if there is something that you want but don't see listed. I'm sure we can accommodate.

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Weekly Special

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The process

Give us an email and we can go over the details of what you have in mind. We offer a variety of small desserts and a couple of smaller cakes that would be great to take to your next dinner party. for more informations please visit our FAQ page


No matter what you have in mind I'm sure we can create something special for you. Custom cakes are just that, Custom, they are all hand made to fit your style and theme. If you have a picture of a cake that you want we will make our rendition of that, not a copy but custom for you.